How to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Tuberculosis

By RelianceHMO
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Tuberculosis, TB, is an infectious disease caused by the bacterial organism called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is one of the commonest infectious diseases in developing parts of the world like Nigeria.

It is highly likely it could be tuberculosis if you're having a combination of the following:

1. A cough that has lasted for about three months, in which you cough out sputum that, depending on how long you have been infected, contains blood.

2. You have significantly lost weight in the last 3 months or more since the cough started

3. You have been sweating terribly at night since the cough started, that even your bedspread becomes soaked as if water was poured on it.

4. You have been having a fever that is not really high and which comes and goes.

5. Before you had this cough that has lasted for about 3 months, you came in contact with somebody who was coughing seriously. Or you were in a prison for some time or lived in a homeless shelter like internally displaced persons camp. In addition, if you traveled to and returned from an area or region where there's TB outbreak/endemic.

6. If you have been treated for tuberculosis in the past, it is likely it is reoccurring due to reactivation of some of the latent bacteria that couldn't be eradicated by the anti-TB drugs. Also, if you're HIV-positive, there's a chance that you might have TB because HIV makes the body vulnerable to other infections.

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Published Tuesday, May 15th 2018

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