Health Benefits of Jogging

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Most people underestimate the health benefits of jogging or running and prefer lifting weights instead. Besides its many physical benefits, jogging has been shown to improve mood and mental health.

Have you consciously made out time to do some jogging before? If so, how did you feel after the jogging?
With jogging, there is a feeling of accomplishment and happiness that comes from pushing your body and mind to the limit.

While you are encouraged to start jogging, consult a doctor first before embarking on possibly strenuous exercise programs.

Below are five reasons you should take up jogging.

1. Increased Stamina and Endurance
Due to the improved heart function, and an increased ability of the lungs to taken in oxygen during breathing, that jogging brings, individuals who jog regularly can endure physically demanding activities relatively much longer than those who don't jog at all.

2. Significantly Lowers the Risk of Developing Chronic Diseases
The increased metabolism of carbohydrates and fat from aerobic exercise such as regular jogging lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood vessels, and this means a reduced possibility of any blood vessels getting blocked by these bad cholesterol and ultimately a much low risk of having a heart attack or hypertension. In addition, healthy levels of sugar and fat in the blood due to regular jogging prevent the pancreas from being overwhelmed, meaning a lower risk of developing diabetes mellitus.

3. Helps you Lose Weight
Regular jogging makes the body burn more calories, meaning a breakdown of fat for energy generation. This helps in depleting the body's accumulated fat and provided one consumes less amount of calories than one burns through exercise, one is on course to shed that excess body fat over time and take up the dream body image. So, if you have been concerned about your weight, wondering how you will lose those pounds, just incorporate jogging into your routine.

4. Improves your Heart Function
Jogging regularly has been shown to strengthen the heart muscles and improving the pumping efficiency of the heart. This means that over time, one who jogs regularly will develop what's known as an athlete's heart, in which one's heart is able to pump enough blood needed for all metabolic purposes at a rate that is less than 70 beats per minute.

5. Helps Clear your Mind
Jogging, like other forms of aerobics, stimulates the release of chemicals such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin in the brain, and these chemicals play an important role in stress relief, happier mood, and psychological and emotional boost. So, you might need some jogging to get over any mood-depressing situations that come your way.

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Published Wednesday, October 25th 2017

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