5 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip your Dental Checkup

By Kangpe Healthcare Services
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Maintaining a beautiful smile may require meticulous care and regular checkups with a dentist. Adding a dental checkup to your schedule every six months will definitely save you much more pain and distress in the long run.

Below are 5 reasons to maintain a regular dental check up schedule:

A beautiful smile: The consumption of sugar, coffee, tea, wine, and cigarettes contribute towards making your teeth dull.

Scheduling a scaling and polishing session with a professional dentist will help remove these stains and give you a brighter smile.

Preventing gum disease: A buildup of tartar and plaque affects both the teeth and gums; leading to diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis.

These gum diseases are marked by shrinking of the gums and an eventual loss of the tooth.
Treating gum disease is both painful and expensive, hence it is best to get rid of tartar before they start causing problems.

Preventing Cavities: No matter how well you floss and brush there will always be spots that you will miss. This makes a clean up a big part of the dental examination.
In most cases, cavities can only be felt after the tooth has been damaged. A filling may be needed for the damage caused instead of a simple cleaning.

Detecting oral cancer fast: Treating Oral Cancer is easier when diagnosed in its early stages. A test for oral cancer by a professional is pain-free and doesn't take much time.

Detecting hidden problems: X-rays are important dental examinations because they can detect problems that lie under the surface like tumors, bone decay, misaligned teeth, and cysts.
These problems rarely show any symptoms in their early stages and hence without an X-ray you would have to wait for it to advance to a more painful stage before seeking treatment.

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Published Friday, June 9th 2017

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