How To Deal With Work-Related Stress

By Dr. Okechukwu Amako, MBBS (Ibadan)
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Everyone experiences stress in one way or the other due to challenges encountered on a regular basis: the feeling of pressure like your heart is going to stop beating, or the feeling of being caught up in so many responsibilities, and there is little to no time or resource to meet all of them and it's like you're about to lose your mind. So many things can cause stress, from losing a job, school work, a relationship break-up to meeting up with the many deadlines of your job.

All over the world, one of the common causes of stress is a 9-to-5 job with a company or managing one's business. You have so many deadlines to meet, you work extra hours, your salary or revenue may not be encouraging and you have so many financial demands to meet. At a time, the pressure can be so intense that you feel like literally hitting anyone in your way.

But it doesn't have to get to that point. You can actually face all these work challenges and still be free of the associated stress by:

1. Maximizing Your Weekend

While you may not get enough time to rest during the week, the weekend, especially Saturday, is the perfect free time to take your mind off work and every other matter associated with it. Just rest: you can sleep from whenever you jumped on the bed on Friday night to any time you feel like waking up on Saturday. Even if your eyes are open by 8 in the morning on Saturday, you can still lie in bed and roll around, close your eyes and let your mind wander away to imaginary beautiful places.

Once you leave your bed, try going for a walk, a jog, or you can go to the gym to work out.

2. Talk to Someone

If you have someone you trust and confide in like your wife, husband, parents, a colleague, pastor or imam, you can always talk to him or her about the challenges and stress of work. Talking to someone you trust and getting words of comfort and encouragement from him or her can be a great reliever of stress. By sharing those burdensome inner worries, you let go of that mental load and forge ahead.

So, it is important to build quality relationships with your family and selected friends in which you constantly communicate with and encourage each other as this is necessary for your social well-being.

3. Take time off

Your life and health are more important than every other thing. You can take a day off if you are about to go crazy from the stress of work demands especially if you are running your own business. You can hang out with friends, go partying or do any other interesting thing that makes you happy with this free day. But don't smoke and do cut down the amount of caffeinated beverage like coffee if you take them as they can worsen the anxiety that may come from stress.

It can be very difficult in this part of the world but always ask about things like lunch breakups, leaves, and other employee welfare packages before accepting any job offer. Working in an organization with good employee welfare provisions ensures that you don't burn out from work-related stress.

4. Meditate and Pray

Depending on your religious belief, meditation and prayer according to your religion or denomination within a religion can help take your mind away from the stress of work; it can also help you develop a positive outlook on your current situation and the future especially if you do it regularly.

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For more advice and help, consult a doctor.
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Published Tuesday, May 2nd 2017

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