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Consult a doctor about headaches on the Kangpe App or Website. Ask headache questions that properly describe the headache symptoms and the possible cause of headache. Receive instant health advice for treatment of headaches online.

About headache


A headache is a head pain or pain on the upper neck of the body. Headache symptoms are commonly described with intermittent, sharp, constant or throbbing pain.

When you have a headache the pain you feel is from the structures and tissues surrounding the skull. Chat with a doctor about your headache on the Kangpe App or Website.

Causes of headaches

People often get headaches from cumulative stress from anxiety, noise, exposure to light, reaction to medications, alcohol consumption and food sensitivity.

Excessive exercises, bad posture and head trauma are some physical conditions that  cause  headaches.

Several instances of a headache before period in  women have been reported; a drop in estrogen right before your period may likely result in hormonal migraines.

Headaches during pregnancy are symptoms within the second trimester that must be reported to a doctor as soon as possible .

Headaches are sometime the first symptom for some illness such as  infections, meningitis, pre-eclampsia, malaria, hypertension, brain tumour or fever.

Treatment for Headaches

Before deciding what to do when you have a headache, you should diagnosis of the type of headache.

The common headaches include Migraines, Tension headaches, Sinus headaches, Acute headaches, Cluster headaches and Chronic progressive headaches.

You can help medical doctors by describing your health condition precisely;  this helps in getting the best treatment for your headache.

Ask yourself these questions:

Did the headaches start with fever, visual disturbances, vomiting, a cold, seizures, slurred speech, or nausea?

How long have you had these headaches?  How frequently do you get headaches?

Are headaches related to menstruation period?  Has there been a recent head trauma or a fall?

Observes what conditions eases or worsens the headache (coughing, sexual activity stress or lack of sleep).  

Questions you can ask doctors about headaches

While it is important to provide information to you doctor about the headache, you should also ensure you ask appropriate headache questions.

Make inquires about treatment options for the diagnosed headache and the  possible headache treatment outcomes.

Also try to find out what tests to run and  if your headache  prescriptions have drugs with side effects.


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