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"What are ulcer,stomach ache,cancer,insonmia and their symptoms and cures"

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    A 22 years year old male asked:
    2 years ago
    What are ulcer,stomach ache,cancer,insonmia and their symptoms and cures
    Dr. Amen O answered:
    2 years ago
    Good morning. I assume you mean peptic ulcer is present of ulcers in the lining of the stomach or duodenum. Symptoms include pain, heartburn, bloating. Treatmemt includes medication, lifestyle modification and/or surgery. Stomach/abdominal ache is when your stomach/abdominal region is paining you, it can be caused by a lot of things like ulcer, infection, inflammation, menstrual cramps etc. Treatment is to identify the cause and mostly use of analgesic agents. No more space..
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