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"I am an asthmatic patient, please what can i use to cure it"

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    A 21 years year old male asked:
    2 years ago
    I am an asthmatic patient, please what can i use to cure it
    Dr. oluwadahunsi o answered:
    2 years ago
    Asthma is not cured but can only be managed. Fortunately most asthmatics outgrow the condition as most grow older the episodes usually become far between or stop. The most important management practise is identifying triggers and avoiding them i.e dust, fumes, perfumes e.t.c. So kindly identify triggers in your environment and avoid them. If you have frequent episodes best to have your salbutamol inhaler handy in cases of acute episodes and present to a nearby hospital for care. Acute episodes are emergencies and you should recognize them as such.
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