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"Why do i have itches with rashes and redness of my skin after bathing"

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    A 20 years year old female asked:
    2 years ago
    Why do i have itches with rashes and redness of my skin after bathing
    Dr. ADEBOLA A answered:
    2 years ago
    Good evening. Sorry about what you are experiencing. You are most likely having a teaction to the water you are bathing with or there might be some impurities in the water that your skin is reacting to. Medicall, this is called ALLERGIC DERMATITIS. it might even be the soap you ure using but something is definitely irritating your skin and makung it itch. Kindly avoid using scented /perfumed soaps, avoid medicated soaps, use plain toilet soaps only. Put dettol/savlon in your water, avoid using harsh sponges. Also avoid sharing your towel. Also, get LORATIDINE tablet, use one daily for about 2wks.cheers
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